Frederick Deeming

The Australian Ripper

Last year, Roy Maloy, the author of over 12 true crime books asked me to write a chapter for his book called “The Australian Ripper”. To say I was stoked was an understatement. I have wanted to write books since I was a teenager although I never knew what to write about and it was…

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Im Still Here

Been a while but if you are still here…..Hi! While I haven’t been as active on the podcast, I have been busy! I had surgery back in May which restricted me for a little while but am now fitter than ever. I have just restarted doing tours at the Geelong Gaol Museum on a Sunday…

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Welcome to 2023!

Hello everyone and happy new year! Firstly, apologies for the lack of new content but 2023 is a new year and full of new adventures! The reason I haven’t posted very much is I was asked to write a chapter for a new book that is due to be released in April 2023.  It is…

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