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Who Is Behind Locked Up With History?

Deb Robinson is the host of Locked Up With History bringing you snippets from the darker side of Victoria’s history.  Deb has a background in tourism for over 20 years and over 30 years experience in researching family and local history.  This podcast is an avenue to bring all those snippets of funky history out of Deb’s head and into the public domain!

Since 2013, Deb has been involved with the Twisted History team researching and delivering tours.  In 2019 the Geelong Gaol Museum was established at Twisted History’s long term home, the Geelong Gaol.

Geelong Gaol Museum

The Geelong Gaol Museum is housed in the old Geelong Gaol which opened in 1853 and closed in 1991 after 138 years of operational history. It was the 3rd colonial prison built in Victoria, being predated by Portland and Melbourne Gaols.

Today, it is run as a museum open every day between 12-5pm.

There are several displays including the Colonial Gaols, Hulks, Saga Behind the Armour, Stitched Up and many more to come.

Deb Robinson

The Locked Up With History podcast host and long-term manager, tour guide and historian/researcher with Twisted History and Geelong Gaol Museum.

Deb has had a passion for research for most of her life.  She began researching family and local history over 35 years ago and has just as much passion for it today as she did at the beginning.

Deb applies that skillset with research for the scripts and characters of Twisted History along with the Museum displays at the Geelong Gaol.

Twisted History

Twisted History is a tourism accredited business who won a bronze award in cultural tourism in 2018 at the RACV Tourism Awards. We run a range of tours across Victoria including ghost tours, paranormal investigations and haunted hotel tours.

Our current locations include Geelong Gaol, Werribee Park,  Seymour, Dunolly and Maldon.