Dawn of Crime with Roy Maloy

Roy and I had the pleasure of meeting at the Geelong Gaol Museum a couple of years ago now, when I purchased some of his Dawn of Crime books to stock in the shop at the Gaol.

It ended up being a meeting of minds and the emergence of a great friendship! Nobody quite gets the excitement of finding that bit you have been looking for – especially at 2 in the morning!

Since then, I have been a guest on Roy’s podcast and have appeared as a guest speaker when he releases his new books. In October we have a number of dates as Roy presents his Criminal Outsiders to coincide with the launch of the second volume of his Biography of Squizzy Taylor.

Roy’s specialty is the Squizzy era and the Fitzoy Vendetta and he has published over 12 books now – one which I was a guest author!

Below are some links to Roy’s social media, podcast and his books. Go give him a follow or listen – you wont regret it!

Roy Maloy – True Crime Author Facebook


Roy Maloy Books

Here are some of the episodes of Roy’s podcast I have been in involved in