Escape of Thompson and Reynolds

In 1865, two prisoners were let out of the cooks cells to make their way to the kitchens to cook for the rest of the prisoners.  But these two men had other ideas – for one man it would result in him never returning to the Geelong Gaol.  For the other his freedom was shortlived.  This is the story of the escape of William Thompson and Thomas Reynolds.

William Thompson was an old offender with a multitude of aliases who was incarcerated in Geelong Gaol for stealing from the Queens Head Hotel in Geelong. He would not only escape from Geelong Gaol but also Adelaide Gaol where he was being held to be returned to Victoria. He appeared again 12 months later in Queensland!

Thomas Reynolds was only 19 years old when he was gaoled for the brutal assault on an elderly man James Hunter. Reynolds believed that Hunter was responsible for his first stint in the Geelong Gaol. Reynolds freedom was shortlived when he was recognised by a warder coming to work. He was back behind bars before the Gaol even knew he was gone!

EDIT – Just tonight I have found Samuel Gibson doing a 4 month sentence in Darlinghurst Prison in 1880 for intent to commit a felony. During the trial it was acknowledged that he was the same man who escaped Geelong Gaol in 1865! Gotta love history!